Handmade sandblasted sterling silver pendant, with stamped poem on the back. Approximately 50 grams of silver. 3.5"/90cm diameter. Handmade beadwork on leather. Centre crystal found at the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. Leather weaving and string.

Lilith represents freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality. Her symbol is the snake. In Hebrew legends, Lilith is a dangerously beautiful Goddess who refused to subordinate herself to Adam, feeling she was created as an equal. Lilith is perhaps the first true feminist, believing in equality for all people.
O Lady Lilith. We have not forgotten you. As you slowly twine your way through the branches of time. Your name O Serpent Lady, slides through the jungles of our minds. Lilith, the name slips from our mouths. Sings in our heads. Lilith, lady of the night. Lilith, lady of darkness. Omniscient owl eyes. Lady of many faces. Yet only one Lilith. We fear you, yet are drawn from somewhere deep inside. And we remember. You slither through our dreams and deepest thoughts. You are alive. You have survived. Molded from the same clay that we come from. That lets the crystal grow.Poem by Gemini Rising